Bolonia, Cádiz’s Best Beach
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11 June, 2018

Bolonia, Cádiz’s Best Beach

Cádiz is famous for the length of its coast and the quality of its beaches, but that would be a topic for another time, today we would like to focus on a very special piece of that coast. We are talking about Bolonia, a historical site with a beach completely different to any other one in the province.

Although it is difficult to choose one beach among the multitude in Cádiz, Bolonia is the one that has everything, it’s in a strategic location, a natural enclave and while there you can visit the Roman ruins…

Bolonia is much more than just a beautiful beach and is ranked as one of the best beaches on the planet. If you keep reading you will understand why.

Walking up the Bolonia Dunes

If anything is really special and unique about Bolonia it is the dunes. These mounds of very thin sand have a view of meeting point of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, also, if we look up to the horizon we would see Africa, you could not wish for a better sight.
From the dunes, the views are magnificent, but this is not the only special thing about them, they blend with the place’s vegetation and become this natural and paradisiacal enclave ideal for virgin beaches lovers.

Swimming in Cádiz’s crystalline waters

It is difficult to find a more crystalline sea in the province than that of Bolonia’s, the sea and ocean meeting tints the waters a beautiful turquoise blue.

As Bolonia is overlooked by many, a fact certainly appreciated by the scuba diving aficionados, it facilitates the sighting of marine species from afar. Thoughfrom the surface the waters are a shade of turquoise, when submerged the waters surprise by their transparency, which allows scuba divers to differentiate species metres away, quite uncommon in other Coast of Light beaches.

Visiting the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia

So far, we have talked about the natural qualities of Bolonia and the wilderness of it, but we obviously should not forget about its ruins, the Roman city Baelo Claudia, a great location to acquaint oneself with Roman history.
The ruins belonged to an established Roman city, that experts date from the 2nd Century B.C. These confirm the port of Tarifa and in particular the Bolonia’s one, was one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean Sea and a factor that contributed to the wealth of the province of Cádiz.

Baelo Claudia is only a few metres away from the beach; its location is on the coastline. So, wandering around the museum and ending up swimming is possible. This experience combines an educative and refreshing idea, getting to know the history of the place and swimming in a breath-taking part of the world.

Walking on a paradisiac beach

Many people love to walk on the beach especially in the early hours of the morning; their walk in Bolonia will not disappoint. Being able to walk up a dune, get lost among the vegetation, stroll at the edge of the shore, see the fish swimming in its waters while wandering about the pools that form with the change of tide… All of this and so much more awaits.
The videos shared do not belong to Cádiz en Harley and have been embedded after obtaining the required permissions from YouTube. These videos from unofficial sources are used due to the absence of official footage from the local authorities. The videos are shared so potential visitors can have a grasp of the beauty of this beach and the variety of activities the beach allows for.

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