Everyone has heard of Harley Davidson, of their sound, history, style… Many have attempted to imitate some of these distinctive aspects but only Harley is able of being unique. Our bikes have their own history and legend, with carburettor engines and unique pieces which you will be able to enjoy riding through imposing roads. The baby Harley, the Sportster, a model that hasn’t stopped evolving without losing its character since 1957. Comfortable, easy to handle, reliable, powerful, exceptional…
Sportster 883 XL Custom Centenary Limited Edition
• Exclusive model, one of most beautiful Centenary bikes by Harley
• 50 cv and 883 cc ready to hit the road
• Advance hand grip for your comfort when driving
• Kit Screaming Eagle which implements the sound
• License required: A
Sportster 883 XL (1991)
• 25 years on the road, a classic with a lot of mileage ahead
• 48 cv and 883 cc ready to hit the road
• EVO Engine
• Intermediate Hand grip
• Mini-ape handlebar very adaptable
• License required: A2
Sportster 883 XL De Luxe (1991)
• A 25 years old classic
• EVO Engine
• 53 cv of power
• Front Dual Disc
• One of the first Sportster with 5 gears
• Truly classic style
• Wide fuel tank
• License required: A


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