The leaseholder should be 25 years of age or older. Under no circumstances will the motorcycles be rented to persons under that age.

Driver’s full permit or license.

It is indispensable to have held a valid license to ride motorcycles in Spain for at least TWO years. This license should not have any restrictions about the power or cubic capacity of the motorcycle. European Union citizens may ride with a license type A issued in their country of origin. For non-European citizens their license should specify they are qualified to ride a motorcycle and their country should be a member of the 1968 Vienna Convention (most countries in the world are in fact members), and for the leaseholder to be a tourist, for less than six months. If the leaseholder has remained in Spain for more than six months, a Spanish or any other European Union country license will be required to hire the service. In any case, any international permits will be accepted, as long as they allow the riding of motorcycles.

Experience and physical fitness of the driver.

The leaseholder will sign a contract in which he will confirm he has the required experience to ride motorcycles, and has the appropriate level of fitness to do so. The leaseholder will need to confirm they are not suffering any illness or consuming any medication which could alter his/her ability to ride a motorcycle.  

Area of circulation.

The area of circulation of our vehicles is limited to those territories included in the European Union. This area of circulation could be extended through the special request to the lessor.  

Cession of vehicle.

The leaseholder is not allowed to lend the motorcycle to third-parties, unless the lessor has given prior consent and this is specified in the contract where the third-parties will be mentioned as additional drivers. In this case, the leaseholder will be held responsible for any damage in front of the lessor and any third-parties, independently of who was driving at the time of the incident.  

Insurance and vehicle damages.

motorcycles are covered by a third-party insurance policy, (compulsory and volunteer civil responsibility). The leaseholder agrees to cover the expenses of any damage in line with the market price. The lessor holds a copy of the insurance policy and has it available for the leaseholder. The leaseholder agrees to cover any damages with the deposit transfer to the lessor that may arise during the leasing period of the vehicle while in circulation or parked. The lessor is entitled to hold onto the appropriate amount of the deposit to cover the repair of any damages. Once the repair has been completed, the lessor will submit an invoice to the leaseholder, to liquidate any remaining of the deposit, if any. In case the repair cost is superior to the amount deposited by the leaseholder, the leaseholder agrees to pay the difference. The lessor reserves the right to pursue any legal, civil or criminal actions against the leaseholder who does not comply with this condition.  

Bookings and cancellations.

The leaseholder will be able to make a booking by email as well as by phone. The lessor will inform of the motorcycle models available at the time of the enquiry, from which the leaseholder can choose from. Should any unforeseeable circumstances prevent the leaseholder the use of the model chosen; the lessor will offer a model of similar characteristics or the cancellation and refund of the booking. If the leaseholder cancels the booking, the lessor will refund the full amount if the cancellation takes places at least 30 days before the booking was due, 50% if the cancellation is notified between 15 and 30 days before the booking was due. If the cancellation is notified with less than 15 days’ notice, the leaseholder is not entitled to any refund. If the leaseholder arrives later than date agreed for the booking but before its finalisation, he/she will be entitled to access the motorbike until the finishing date on the signed lease, but will not be entitled to any refund due to the shorter period enjoying the service/motorcycle.  

Collection and return schedule.

In the ride free experience option: collections and returns Monday to Friday from 6pm. For any collections and returns outside this schedule, please contact us. The company activities will stipulate the collection and return of motorcycles and equipment as agreed by both parties.


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